A/C Units

Protect your belongings from heat and humidity

What needs an air-conditioned unit?

Upgrade to an air-conditioned unit if you're storing:

  • Appliances
  • Wooden or Upholstered Furniture
  • Antiques or Heirlooms
  • Electronics and Media
  • Collectibles
  • And More!

StoragePUP A/C Units

We serve areas across the South - including Florida, Tennessee, and Louisiana. All of these places get hot! So, if you’re storing furniture, electronics, upholstery, wood, or anything that might crack, warp, rust, or rot, upgrade to a climate-controlled self storage unit! We can help you keep your valued belongings safe from the constantly changing temperatures.

StoragePUP offers both traditional and mobile storage with air conditioning, which is an amenity you can’t find at every storage facility. These storage units maintain a constant temperature range so your items don’t get incredibly hot or cold as the weather changes.

These also keep the humidity lower than it would be otherwise because they cycle the air in and out as they cool it. This helps keep your stored items protected from mold and mildew.

If you’re not sure what type of storage you need, our team of experts is happy to help! We’ll get you settled in the perfect unit for you, whether at our place or yours.

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Home of the CoolPUP

You may be able to find quality air-conditioned Self Storage Units at other storage facilities, but you won’t find the CoolPUP mobile storage unit anywhere else! These premium air-conditioned units can be delivered right to your home or business, so you can utilize the convenience of mobile storage while still protecting your things from heat and humidity. Most household items are built to stay in the air conditioning - furniture, electronics, clothing, etc - and if you leave them in a hot storage unit for a long time, they can be ruined. Choose a CoolPUP mobile storage unit to ensure your goods are stored just the way you want!

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